On October 5, 2020, Memorandum of Understanding between Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent and IT Park was signed

The mission of the Memorandum is to establish mutually beneficial relations between the parties, like:
Carrying out joint research activities
Hold joint conferences, seminars, academic studies, industrial practice
Increase the effectiveness and applied nature of the student learning process
Study and implement the best international experience in the field of information technology and systems engineering
Improvement of the quality of personnel training
Assisting in subsequent internships and employment of graduates of the Institute.

Both sides will develop interaction in the field of promoting information, materials, video products, and information on exhibitions and other events related to ICT. Mutually will develop information exchange about important events held in the Republic of Uzbekistan and abroad. Following this, parties will conduct joint research in the field of information technology and engineering, collect information on investment projects, identify their directions and areas.

IT Park is a complex of facilities, buildings and structures designed to ensure the startup and market access, an extraterritorial free economic zone for IT companies, including integration with scientific and educational organizations.

We welcome this important initiative which formalizes and strengthens the relationship of both sides. We look forward to continuing to build on our constructive co-operation in the interest of enhancing mutual stability.