Renewable Energy


Ilkhom Mamayunusov
Course Leader
Kamaliddin Abdivakhidov
Head of Chair

Renewable Energy

The renewable energy direction is the latest and future trend in education in today’s world. The Republic of Uzbekistan is also a land of natural resources, such as solar, water, wind, gas and oil, and is a convenient region for the comprehensive development of renewable energy.


The purpose of the program

Formation of theoretical and up-to-date knowledge on renewable and non-traditional sources, power plants and power supply systems in the design and operation of energy converters. Preparation of high quality and qualified cadres in this sphere, which has social, technical and economic knowledge to address the energy problem and promote sustainable renewable energy sources.



Alumni of “renewable energy” are graduates of non-traditional and alternative energy systems electronic systems, non-traditional sources, energy systems and power supply systems as well as advanced knowledge in design and use of energy converters and many others



The 1st course. The first stage of the bachelor’s degree is aimed at the further development of students’ interest in science and direction. It mainly focuses on the mastering of Korean, English and Russian languages, Informatics, Mathematics, Ecology, Physics, History and Development Strategy of Uzbekistan, World History and Geography.

The 2nd course includes subjects such as solar and wind power engineering, geometry and hydraulic energy, bioenergetics, coal mining methane, hydrogen energy and oil shale, and the basics of non-traditional and renewable energy sources.

The 3rd course: Theoretical and practical courses on electromagnetic, digital logic systems, power engines, electronic equipment and working skills, and renewable energy sources.

The 4th course: Graduate students will be given theoretical and practical subjects such as lightning energy, electronic machines, alternative energy, practical lessons, and renewable systems