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Project Description

Beauty aesthetic is one of the youngest, but the same time rapidly developing branches of Aesthetic Cosmetology.

Beauty aesthetic concentrated on complex procedures of rejuvenation and preservation of youth, beauty and health.

It is including the following procedures:
Chemical peeling
Basic face and body care
Laser treatment and laser rejuvenation
Classic, cosmetic, relax and оther types of face and body massage
Eyebrow and Eye tattoo techniques
All types of hair removal and depilation
Nail art
Classic, professional and permanent make up

The purpose of the program

The main purpose of the curriculum program is:
to give students deep theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, nutrition and general psychology.


After 4 years intensive training and practice, students become skilled specialists not only in the field of aesthetic cosmetology, but also through parallel training in the aspects of nutrition and psychology, they gain skills and deep knowledge in these areas too.
Students will receive a Bachelor’s degree in Aesthetic Cosmetology and Psychology.
This big opportunity will give them right to draw up treatment algorithms, personal care programs, skin care program prone to acne, dermatitis, aging skin and etc.

The main curriculum of the Bachelor’s Degree:

1st year – this year is aimed to studies Korean, English and Russian languages, computer science, anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, the basics of nutrition, the basics of hygiene and ecology, world history and geography.
The 2-course: the main attention is paid to the subjects as cosmetic chemistry, an introduction to cosmetology, dermatology, the basics of medical massage, nutrition, the basics of aromatherapy, general psychology, spa therapy, nail-art and the knowledge about management in aesthetic cosmetology.
The 3-course: including deep theoretical and intensive practical knowledge and skills in advanced nutrition, laser technology, the basics of physiotherapy, psychology, permanent make up and the basics of trichology.
The 4-course: students will be given essential theoretical and practical knowledge in the podology, the skin science, advanced knowledge of nutrition and dietology, the science of weight correction, the principles of laser and cosmetic equipment. In the senior year students will be familiarize with cosmetology companies and centers of aesthetic cosmetology.