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Project Description

The direction of “Business management” is one of the most important factors for the economic development of any country. The business environment, the effective organization of business activities and the wide involvement of foreign investment, and the fact that the World Bank’s Doing Business rankings are at the forefront of reforms is a key part of the ongoing reforms in the business sector.

The purpose of the program

Development of comprehensive knowledge and skills in economics, finance, and taxation, entrepreneurship and its effective organization. Organization of meetings with entrepreneurs and businessmen and training of highly qualified and skilled personnel in the economy of the country, who will have enough knowledge to effectively organize their independent business.

The main curriculum of the Bachelor’s Degree

1st course. The first stage of the bachelor’s degree is aimed at the further development of students’ interest in science and direction. It mainly focuses on the mastering of Korean, English and Russian languages, IT, Mathematics, Principles of economics, Basics of statistics, History and Development Strategy of Uzbekistan, World History and Geography.

2nd course: Business management, marketing management, finance, accounting, global management, consumer behavior, and management strategies.

3rd course: Theoretical and practical courses on business management information system, business intelligence, effective management, e-commerce, logistics, management innovation.

4th course: Graduate students will be able to apply theoretical and practical knowledge on investment, management technologies, strategic decision making and business planning, at the end of which the graduation research will be carried out.


Graduates of the “Business Management” academic direction can work as mature specialists in the key sectors of the economy, banking, finance, investment, exchange and industry, government agencies and advertising agencies, and major international companies. In addition, graduates can form their own business and business subjects.

Our honor!

Abdurakhmanova Munisa – student of “Business management” who has received 1st 100% Rector scholarship of YTIT for successful completion of all subjects in 2018-2019 academic year and now her tuition fee is fully covered by scholarship during 2nd year of her studies. Respect!


In gratitude for the help and active participation of “Business management”  students in the event of 2nd Global Business Week on November 12-18, 2018, Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the organizers.

Get Acquaintance

Family members of “Business management” students got  acquainted with the Institute life and its activity during 15-20 april, 2019.

Baykaraev Farrukh – 1st year student of “Business management”.

YTIT is the place where we get great knowledge and skills. The best conditions for training are created for students. Classrooms are equipped with new, advanced and modern technologies. Institute opens new horizons for students – into the future! As Benjamin Franklin said: Investing in knowledge always yields the greatest returns.

Hello everybody! I am Аbduraxmanova Munisa. As you know I am a sophomore at Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent. Time flies very fast. This year I became the owner of a 100% scholarship. I am glad that I was able to achieve this. I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. Definitely I should tell that at our institute everything is honest and everyone can become the owner of this scholarship if you study hard. I want to wish everyone good luck on their studies and also to get 100% scholarship. One of the most valuable thing that I got in the institute is a group of good friends. I have gained a lot of knowledge in economics and finance in these few years. I am very interested in those theories, so my GPA is quite good. The environment is very good because there are a lot of good teachers and friends in this institute. In our institute plethora of modern facilities and students are provided with good conditions. Our teachers and professors always try to support us. As a conclusion I can say that, my life in this institute is extremely challenging and beneficial to me. The main reason is that our institute life gives me the chance of upgrading the knowledge in academic and as well as enhancing future career development.