On 19th and 20th of December at the Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent was held “Open Doors Day” and exhibition “Education in Korea”.
During the events, applicants and their parents were provided with detailed information about the academic directions currently available at the Institute, their activities, the existing educational materials and technical base, funds of the information and resource center, teachers, teaching disciplines and their features, student canteen, as well as the rules for admission to the institute and entrance exams.
Participants were also provided with detailed information about the existing “credit system” of foreign universities, which was introduced today at the institute.
Representatives of the universities of Hanyang Erica, Joseon, Jeonju and Chungcheong of the Republic of Korea introduced the teaching staff and students about educational and exchange programs.
YTIT students were given the opportunity to participate in double degree programs “2+2” and participate in educational exchange programs “2+1+1”, not only at the Yeoju Institute of Technology, but also at the above universities in the Republic of Korea.
Representatives of these universities answered all the questions of students about the double diploma program in detail.