Department of Social Sciences and Humanities



“Innovative education, art, diplomacy”

The conference will take place

Due to quarantine of COVID-19 the conference is postponed to September, 2020

Address: Usman Nasyr str. 156, Yakkasaray district, Tashkent/Uzbekistan. Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent


Conference problem field:

– Innovative education: natural sciences; exact sciences

– Innovations in education and pedagogy

– The role of art in politics, diplomacy, in government

– Art, architecture and design as an element of creating an environment for innovative education

– Art, psychology and innovation

– Innovative education, creative thinking and computerization of society

– Art as a means of intercultural communication

– Art, business, innovation

– Traditional and innovative ways in the educational process

Following the conference, a collection of materials will be published.

Conference working language: Uzbek, Russian, English

Articles are accepted in Uzbek, Russian and English.

Requirements for the design of articles:

– The article should be at least five pages long, including a list of references;

– Text and bibliography format: MSWord.DOC file (2007 version); font TimesNewRoman; size 14, line spacing 1.5, all fields 2 cm;

– Links in the text are made in square brackets, for example, [1, p. 81], [2, p. 354];

– The list of literature is placed at the end of the text under the heading “Literature”; Sources are numbered in alphabetical order.

Articles should be submitted by April 5, 2020 in electronic form, as well as all questions about the conference should be sent to:

Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent (Department of Social Sciences and Humanities).

The cost of publication is free

Scientists from other countries are not paid for the ticket

Articles that do not meet the design requirements (see below) will not be accepted.

Organizing Committee: Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, Department of Korean Philology, Department of Social Sciences and Humanities

Sample article design:

1 line (bold): Surname and initials of the author – “Title” style, location on the right

2 line (bold): Place of work, city – “Normal” style, location on the right

3 line: empty – interval

5th line (bold): Title of the article – “Heading” style, center position

6th line: Abstract of the article at intervals in the Uzbek language and in English, if the article is written in Russian. If the article is in Uzbek, then abstract, respectively, in English and Russian, if the article is in English, abstract – in Uzbek and Russian.

Keywords: at least 15 words in all three languages.

The text of the article immediately after the keywords without an interval, the width.

Footnotes or links in the text are made in square brackets, for example, [1, p. 81], [2, p. 354]. if the footnote has an email address, you must specify the number corresponding to the list in the “literature”.

At the end of the text of the article is placed the word “Literature” (bold) in the center. References – in alphabetical order