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Public Relations Department builds its workflow according to assigned functions. Basically, the workflow involves performance of several major functions such as Publications and Periodicals, Marketing and Advertising, Media Relations, and Organizing Events and Internal Communication within the Institute.

Head of Public Relations Department: Aripov Azizjon Kozimdjonovich

The main functions of the department:
– organization and performance of work on personnel matters;
– organization and conduct of work on the selection and placement of personnel, improving their qualifications, assistance in the formation of a training and retraining system for the management system;
– the formation and training of personnel reserve;
– participation in the development of proposals to optimize the structure and staffing of the Institute;
– ensuring compliance with labor laws when working with employees;
– create a favorable working environment in order to increase the efficiency of employees and maintain a healthy spiritual and psychological atmosphere in the team;
– supervision of the activities of the departments of the institute in matters of selection, placement and training.

Head of department: Sulaymonov Farrux Shukhratovich

The main goal of the International Cooperation Department – to organize and coordinate the participation of the Institute in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of educational programs and enhancing the international prestige of the Institute.

The main activities of the Department are:

  • Formation of international cooperation programs;
  • Involvement of faculty in international cooperation;
  • Export of educational services;
  • Organization of training for students and graduate students, internships of the Institute’s employees abroad;
  • Organization of training for foreign students, doctoral students, and interns arriving at the Institute under intergovernmental and inter-university agreements, as well as individually;
  • Implementation of ongoing consulting and other assistance to students, departments, and employees of the Institute;
  • Organization of the work of foreign teachers at the Institute;
  • Implementation of information and representation activities;
  • Assistance to the Institute departments in obtaining foreign grants.

Head of International cooperation department: Allakuliev Akmal Baltaevich

Senior specialist of international cooperation department: Rakhmatillaev Sarvarbek Botirjonovich







Academic affairs department (hereinafter “Department”) is the basic branch of the Institute structure and carries out academic and methodological work. The department has been formed with the aim of effective realization of the aims set in the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On education” and national personnel training programme as well as academic and methodological educational provision in preparation of highly qualified specialists.

The main direction of the department activity is provision of effective organization of academic process in the Institute.

Main tasks and functions of the department:

  • effective organization and provision of educational process in the Institute;
  • realization of single strategy of the Institute on solving organizational issues of the educational process;
  • participation in the study of regulatory documents, guiding educational process and preparation of suggestions on their development and implementation;
  • coordination of compliance with activity of faculties, departments and other subdivisions for ensuring effective educational process;
  • generalization of repots of faculties and subdivisions on educational process issues, preparation of the Institute reports and registration of necessary documents;
  • control of movement of the Institute student population;
  • monitoring of summarizing and execution of schedule of hours on the subjects taught at directions and specialties of the Institute, registration of the lists (forms) of the salary on full- and part-time rate;
  • signing contracts with professors and teachers on part-time basis;
  • study of realization of the curricula for the academic year and semesters;
  • conducting academic and methodological research on further improvement of the educational process;
  • wide implementation of information technologies and methods for providing high level of organization of the educational process and popularization of best practices;
  • assisting in organization of professional training;
  • development of recommendations on effective organization of methodological provision of the subjects taught at the Institute;
  • development and implementation of recommendations on methodological and organizational issues of the educational process;
  • study of the condition of methodological support of the subjects taught at the Institute departments, their preparation to discussion in the set dates;
  • development of recommendations on organization of methodological provision of new subjects, included in the present curricula and study of their status in the departments;
  • study of delivery of educational materials on subjects in curricula;
  • conducting research on methodological improvement of educational process and organization of academic seminars for their implementation;
  • organization of work of the Institute’s Admission Commission;
  • preparation of recruitment offers for stuff members for performing their official tasks, as well as submitting them to vice rector on academic affairs;
  • request and receive documents and materials related to educational process or other departments of the Institute;
  • representation of the Institute on education issues in collaboration with state and private organizations, as well as with other entities, organizations and institutions;
  • conducting meetings on educational process and participation in similar meetings;
  • provision of explanations, recommendations and instructions on educational process;
  • use of other rights and authorities enacted by the law of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent announces the beginning of preparation courses for institute’s entrance exams for applicants and students of colleges, academic lyceums and school pupils.

Preparation courses include the following subjects:

  • English;
  • Mathematics;
  • Physics;
  • Uzbek language
  • Russian language;
  • Korean language;
  • AUTOCAD program.

Lessons are conducted 3 times a week (90-120 minutes each time) in Russian and Uzbek languages.

Monthly fee for a subject is 562 500

Earn discounts, by paying for long time periods. 

The duration of the preparation courses is 8 months.

Participants of the academic courses at the Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent will be granted with following privileges.

  • At the end of the academic course participants, who have successfully completed each of the subjects in Mathematics or Physics and English, are exempted from entrance examinations at Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent and can be enrolled on contractual basis.
  • The participants of the academic courses can use the facilities of Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent.

Students’ affairs department:
1. The department provides interaction with other structures of the Institute
on issues related to its competence, organization of activities with partner
2. Responsible for the preparation of department work plans and reports;
3.Regularly informs the Rector and Vice-Rector of the Institute on the most
important issues related to the activities of the department;
4.Carries out other tasks of the Institute management related to the
assigned tasks and functions.

Head of students’ affairs department: Khabibullaev Abduboriy Shavkat ugli

“CEF” – as it is known, there are lots of talented students in YTIT. In October 17, 2018 there was a contest among CEF teams in which the team from the tourism faculty became winners.

Spring holiday “Navruz”. Competition of cooking plov among academic directions, sumalyak, tables with delicious foods, music, dance, performances and costumes – all are in YTIT.

27 april – there was Open Day in YTIT. All abiturents that visited us were able to get to know about the institute, its education system and social life. Moreover, various contests and tours made the day more interesting and useful for future students.

The first event in the social life of the Institute “Talent Show”. Compelling performances of the students impressed the audience.

YTIT celebrated its 1 year anniversary. In 1 year, YTIT has overcome many obstacles and continues to develop successfully. On this day, a large concert was held with unforgettable performances: dance, music, scenes, fashion shows and many others.

“International day of women” – on 8 march, 2019, unforgettable holiday event (grand concert) was organized by the men of our institute that will remain in our memories for a long time!

Korean New Year

Korean atmosphere: Musicians, dances, traditional foods, costumes in YTIT!

February 2, 2019 year fascinating festival in Yeoju

Department of Education Quality Control

Main functions and tasks of the department

  1. Design of the development support for the implementation of the Quality Management System in accordance with the standards of the ISO 9001: 2015 series:
  2. Implementation in the operation of the monitoring mechanism of the measurement and analysis of the quality of the university
  3. Implementation in the operation of the university and its structural divisions by the mechanism of corrective and preventive actions
  4. Implementation in the operation by the process approach
  5. Coordination of preparations for a comprehensive assessment of activities and individual professional educational programs; coordination of work on the opening and licensing of new specialties and directions for the University.

Saidova Zilola Habibovna

The goals of scientific activity are the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research, the use of the latest scientific achievements and technologies in training, the development of high-tech projects in the interests of developing the country’s economy.

Main goals
The development of international partnerships in the scientific and educational fields.
The development of fundamental and applied, innovative research based on the growth of the scientific qualifications of employees and students.
To organize the participation of teachers of the institute in scientific conferences, competitions, seminars at various levels through the preparation of articles / methodological developments.
Increased publication activity of faculty and researchers.

The functions
– Expanding cooperation with foreign universities;
– Development of a program of targeted study and analysis of international practices for the effective organization of research work;
– Participation in ongoing project competitions in universities, ANRUz, the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ministries and departments;
– Attracting faculty and gifted students in the study of problematic issues of enterprises and organizations.
– Implementation of research, design, technological, experimental design work;
– The provision of scientific, technical and consulting services in all areas of its activities;
– Dissemination of the latest achievements of science, publication of scientific, educational, methodological and reference literature and implementation of the publication of scientific periodicals containing the results of the institute’s scientific activity.

Telephone: +99878 129-40-40 (109)


Information about activity of the centre

The information technology centre is a structural subdivision of Yeoju Technical institute in Tashkent, and carries out work on implementation of information-communication technologies in the educational establishment.

The activity of the information technology centre is processed in accordance with the laws of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decisions of the chambers of Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, decrees, orders and decisions of the president of the Republic of Uzbekistan, charters and council of Yeoju Technical institute in Tashkent, order of the rector of the institute.

Aims and functions of the centre

Main aims of the centre are:

  • To develop and implement necessary actions on prevention of threats, concerning information security of the institute;
  • Monitor correct and accurate work of computer technology program of the institute;
  • Organize and provide work on maintenance check and repair of the computers;
  • Implement control over computer technicians;
  • Improve reserve computers of the institute with the modern ones;
  • Implement control over correct work of the Local networks, Internet, e-mail, service of learning system Moodle electron, timely accept and distribute messages and news of Yeoju Technical institute in Tashkent;
  • Implement control over the work, repair, technical examination of photocopying machine;
  • Implement protection of saved and transferred by communication channels data about unauthorised visits, modifications, fakes and removals;
  • Implement protection from spread of saved and processed restricted information, that is transmitted by communication channels;
  • Provide authenticity and timeliness of transmission of information;
  • Modification of unauthorised software and protection from removal;
  • Control of working conditions of operating systems and applications, functioning in them (to address application issues) and software, reviving working conditions in case of their violation;
  • Provision of benefits to the users, who underwent registration to use hardware, software and information resources;
  • Register in the system log users, working with protective resources and network services, also have control over correct behaviour of the user on the basis of periodic analysis of the given log;

Main aims of the centre are:

  1. Implementation and development of information-communication system, provision of their software and working condition as well as information security;
  • Elimination of technical and software problems, existing in computers and implementation of measures on prevention of the same situation;
  • Proposals on effective use of computer equipment and technology in the educational process;
  • Identification of need in computer study classrooms;
  • Installation and update of system and office software in the computers, used by the subdivision of the structure;
  1. Organization of the effective use of the institute Internet network:
  • Connection of the computers to the local network and control of the work in the local network;
  • Placement of security against virus programs (antivirus) in the computers and provision of their update;
  • Control over constant work of the video surveillance system, set on the study floors;
  • Propose to the administration of the institute on signing agreements in the given order with providers on the connection to the Internet network;
  • Connection to the Internet network, control over constant work of the Internet network via software and technical firewall installation and also to take measures on prevention of different threats.
  1. Facilitate in continuous and autonomous learning with the help of Information Technology.
  2. Promote national, spiritual and moral values and provide access to the cultural and historical heritage, creating opportunities for the creative growth of a spiritually rich and harmonious person.
  3. Form the resources of the Information resource center, create and introduce database, electronic catalogues in accordance with educational and informational needs of the users.
  4. Expand the list of Information Resource Center services, improve quality of the service by providing modern technologies.

Activity of the Information Resource Center of Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent

Today the total fund of the Information Resource Center is 17894, of which:
12673 textbooks in 8075 titles;
There are 5221 fiction publications in 2510 titles.
The number of subscriptions in the Information Resource Center is 71, of which:
Newspapers in 20 names;
18 Uzbek-language magazines;
33 foreign scientific journals.

An electronic library is created at the Information Resource Center. Electronic library information resources can be accessed at: Currently, the Armat ++ program is creating an electronic catalog and full-text database.

The Information Resource Center is a member of the following electronic databases:

  1. – electronic library of the National Library of the Republic of Korea

Head of Information Resource Center: Gulomova Komila
Leading specialist of the Information Resource Center: Kuvatova Nozima
Leading specialist of the Information Resource Center: Iltaev Otabek


The goals of the innovation center are to develop the innovative activities of scientists from the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, which implies organizing the implementation of their scientific and technical ideas and projects into real-life instruments, equipment, technological processes, software, methods of analysis of economic and social processes, etc., production and sale of new goods, the introduction of new technologies, providing a practical base for students of the institute, as well as provision of scientific and technical services to organizations and population.

The main objectives of the innovation center are:

  • creation of conditions and opportunities (including obtaining permits, licenses) for conducting applied research and development work at the Institute and preparation for the production of high-tech products in the field of power engineering and civil engineering;
  • creating conditions for the organization of small enterprises, temporary creative teams and their independent innovation;
  • creation of conditions, including in the field of social security, for highly productive work of institute scientists, students to consolidate talented young people in the field of science and high tech production, the organization of new jobs;
  • creation of a practically and technically secure base of the Institute;
  • participation in the work of Uzbek and regional associations of innovation centers;

The Innovation Center at Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent consists of three laboratories:



Bookkeeping is under the control of the Institute and acts on the basis of current legislation, decisions of the Institute’s Board and the Charter, the Internal Accounting Rules.

The department does not have the status of a separate legal entity and in its activities is subordinate to the rector. Accounting operates in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Accounting”.

The main tasks of the department

The main tasks of the department are the organization of accounting for the financial and economic activities of the institute, the protection of the property of the institute, the control over the correct use of monetary and material resources, and cost savings.

The structure of the department includes the chief accountant, leading accountant (accountant), leading accountant (material), cashier accountant.

Rights and obligations of the department

– request timely submission of information (orders, signatures, reports, etc.) to other departments in order to organize a business;
– sign the balance sheet of the institute, all financial and statistical reports, documents on the receipt and write-off of cash and material assets;
– not to accept documents that contradict the current legislation on the receipt, storage and expenditure of cash, equipment, materials and other material values;
– maintaining contacts with other organizations on issues within the competence of the department.

– accounting of funds received by the Institute in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
– organization of timely calculation and distribution of salaries of teachers and staff;
– create complete and reliable information about the condition and transfer of assets, as well as the state of property rights and obligations;
– organization of a timely inventory of material assets and cash;
– generalization of accounting data for effective management;
– preparation of financial, tax and other statements;
– organization of timely transfer of taxes to local and national budgets;
– targeted use of funds received from the bank;
– prevention of the occurrence of receivables and payables, their elimination;
– preparation of draft orders and agreements related to the financial and economic activities of the institute

Leading Accountant: Jumayeva Zuhra Nizomjonovna

Department of Strategic Planning

            Goals and objectives: consists in providing the necessary financial conditions for the effective work of the Institute and achieving high ratings, as well as to ensure the rational and efficient use of funds in order to comply with the approved plan and budgetary constraints; development of proposals for further improvement of the current and future economic condition of the institute

            Responsibilities of the department: The head of the department and employees of the department are responsible for non-fulfillment or improper performance of their duties in accordance with the law.

Head of “Strategic Planning” department: Khоshimov Jamoliddin