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Here is such an extra-professional in his field who comes to our Institute to conduct a course of lectures for 2-year students!

Visit of an international consultant from Germany Dr. Dieter Zimmermann

The German SES Foundation for International Cooperation, in the framework of cooperation with the RPI “UzEngineering”, has sent an expert on the planning and implementation of projects for the management of household wastes.

The purpose of the expert’s visit is to exchange experience with design engineers, environmental specialists, students, and other interested parties on improving environmental safety requirements in the design, construction, and commissioning of new and reconstructed enterprises and other facilities.

A special lecture on the topic of “Modern Marketing” was carried out at Yeoju Technical institute in Tashkent in December 11 of the following year. Lectures were delivered by Romanchuk Yaroslav (Belarus) and Tom Palmer (USA). They talked about the difference in marketing between our countries, the master class was held in interactive method, specialists answered students’ questions, and shared valuable tips on innovative methods of using marketing in trade and services.