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Kamronbek Baxtiyorov

The leader of the students’ union of the YTIT

Students’ Union Leader:
– together with the Student Department, develops a plan of activities of the Student Union;
– convenes meetings of the Student Union;
– represents the interests of students at the Institute;
– presides over meetings of the Student Union;
– exercises control over the implementation of decisions of the Student Union;
– organizes the implementation of decisions of the Student Union;
– approves the minutes of meetings of the Student Union;
– takes part in the public life of the Institute.

Mixliyev Xurshid

Vice-leader of Students’ Union

Conducts Guest Lectures, clubs such as Public Speaking, Conversation clubs
Works on creative students to help them with their business ideas, speaking skills

Atajonova Shaxrizoda

Recreation and entertainment sector Leader of Students’ Union.
Main aim of the sector is to fulfill study process with entertaining and energizing occasion together with cultural and other important events. “Making students’ life more interesting and entertaining along  with events with cultural and academic content is primary responsibility of Recreation and entertainment sector lider’s executive.

Gapparova Sabina

Promotion sector Leader of Students’Union.

Development and realization of Students Union’s strategy with the help of students’ department, writing articles, press conference and presentation, planning PR activities and media plan, analysis and evaluation of performance conducted events.

Anvarova Madina

Academic leader of Students Union

I am a second year student and my direction is Tourism. I am very interested in foreign languages such as English, Korean and Russian as well. As I have good grades from all the subjects, I intentionally would like to help students with their studies, that is every time before the exams I arrange an additional lesson for those who want to prepare. And also while studying I with my team arrange speaking clubs and public speaking. For reputation of this institute all the students should be fully developed it means we should work hard for our future!

Azizkhanova Mokhirakhon

Students problems sector Leader of Students’ Union.

Azizkhanova Mohirahon, is a second-year student in the direction of “Business Management Administration”. She was elected a leader in the Students problems sector. As she says: “As a leader, my main task is to serve as a bridge between students and the administration (staffs). To help solve problems when conflicts or questions arise, by uniting students, protecting the interests of students, and supporting initiatives.”

Sadikov Afzalbek

Media Production leader of Student` Union.

Responsible for creating content, producing, editing videosphotos for the events. Broadcasts ongoing events, informs about news of institute`s life. Works with a good team, helps students who interested in media and develops of the public spirit of students.
“As a Media Leader`s aim is raise awareness of students regarding events.

Khamrakulov Fazliddin

Art Leader:

– Logo design development
– Design of social networks
– Support for students interested in art
– Event design
– Various posts in networks
– Takes part in the public life of theInstitute
– Holds events and various art exhibitions

Mijit Safura

Ladies council sector Leader of Students’ Union.

Mijit Safura, a second-year student in Architecture and Urban Design, is a leader in the Ladies Community. As Safura says: “The main goal of creating the committee is to ensure the active participation of girls and women in the implementation of social transformations, increase their legal knowledge, protect their legal rights, ensure activity in the public life of society, conduct explanatory work on a healthy lifestyle, protect youth from various negative currents, improve their spirituality and morality.

Abdurashid Umarov

Member of Media Sector in Students’ Union

Creates the real and awesome videos for enhancing the status of Students’ Union. Works with the students as like a close friend and gives the motivation in order to enrich the students knowledge.
My motto is “Being an ideal can coerce you enrich your status”