International Cooperation Department

Sarvarbek Rakhmatillaev

The main goal of the International Cooperation Department is to organize and coordinate the participation of the Institute in international cooperation programs aimed at improving the quality of educational programs and enhancing the international prestige of the Institute.

The main activities of the Department are:

  • Formation of international cooperation programs;
  • Involvement of faculty in international cooperation;
  • Export of educational services;
  • Organization of training for students and graduate students, internships of the Institute’s employees abroad;
  • Organization of training for foreign students, doctoral students, and interns arriving at the Institute under intergovernmental and inter-university agreements, as well as individually;
  • Implementation of ongoing consulting and other assistance to students, departments, and employees of the Institute;
  • Organization of the work of foreign teachers at the Institute;
  • Implementation of information and representation activities;
  • Assistance to the Institute departments in obtaining foreign grants.


Contact details: 78 129 40 40 (126);