Students' Union

Shomirzaev Sarvarbek
Leader Students' Union

Course: 3rd course of Tourism

Hobby: Reading books, drawing, sport, charity

Strong sides: Leadership skills, punctuality, talkativeness

Languages: Russian, Uzbek, English, Arabic, Korean 

Nazokatkhon Nasirova
Vice Leader

Course: 3rd course of Tourism

Hobby: Reading books, drawing, cooking, sport, SMM - copywriting, storytelling, learning new abilities

Strong sides: ability to motivate, strong leadership skills, punctuality, ability to do several things at the same time, self-confidence

Languages: Russian, Uzbek, Turkish, English, Arabian, Korean

Javokhir Umarov
Executive to work with students’ problems

Course: 3rd course of Tourism

Hobby: Solving of mathematical problems, reading of books, travelling

Strong sides: Multitasking, critical thinking, teamwork skills

Languages: Uzbek, English, Russian

Azizova Aziza
Leader of Academic sector

Course: 2rd course of Korean Philology Department

Hobby: Reading of foreign books, volunteering, learning of Korean and English, listening to Korean and English songs 

Strong sides: Punctual, effective, diligent

Languages: Uzbek, Korean, English, Russian

Abduganiev Temur
Leader of Sport sector

Course: 3rd course of Architecture and Urban design

Hobby: Learning foreign languages, table tennis, football, street workout

Strong sides: Ability to work with 3ds max, AutoCAD, Revit, Dancer (direction: popping animation) 

Languages: English, Russian

Sotiboldiyeva Mohina
Leader of Public relations

Course: 2rd course of Korean philology 

Hobby: Learning foreign languages, playing tennis, traveling and making cakes

Strong sides: Fast learner, teamwork skills, punctual 

Languages: Korean, English, Russian

Afzalbek Sadikov
Media Executive

Course: 3rd course of Tourism

Hobby: Coding, film making, photography 

Strong sides: IT skills, PR, responsible, hard working

Languages: Uzbek, English, Russian

Ibodova Ruhshona
Leader of Entertainment Sector

Course: 3rd course of Tourism

Hobby: Piano playing, travelling, cooking, learning of new skills

Strong sides: Fast learning, punctuality, leadership skills, fun-loving, trustworthy, courteous 
Weaknesses: persistent, talkative

Languages: Uzbek, Russian, English and Turkish