1. Q: I have successfully passed the first stage exam, what happens if I cannot pay for the contract by August 15th?
A: Your quota place will be lost. Therefore, we recommend that you pay 50% of the contract amount by August 15th.

2. Q: Is there a student dormitory at Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent?
A: There is no student dormitory yet.

3. Q: Can I get a contract even if there are flaws in the documents required by the Institute?
A: No, you can't. The documents must be complete (2 copies of the passport, the original of the diploma / certificate and its annex).

4. Q: What do I need to do to get a contract if my diploma annex is lost?
A: The copy of the annex must be stamped by the educational institution you graduated from.

5. Q: When does the new school year start?
A: The start of the school year is scheduled for September. But, due to the pandemic, it may start in October.

6. Q: Are there evening and extramural study groups with English language of instruction?
A: No, there are only groups with Russian and Uzbek languages ​​of instruction.

7. Q: Can we mark the desired answers on the questionnaire?
W: Yes, in the questionnaire, you can freely mark the expected correct answers, make various notes, draw. But it is not allowed to tear off the sheets from the questionnaire, take it with you, pass it on to someone else.

8. Q: Can I transfer to another department after the 1st study year?
A: Yes, according to the decision of the Admissions Committee, after the end of the 1st year it is possible to transfer studies within the Institute (note that there is no internal transfer from other departments to Мedicine).
Transfer to other universities is not within the competence of the Institute, and the Institute does not bear any responsibility in this matter.

9. Q: Is the degree of the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent recognized in Uzbekistan?
A: Yes, you can be convinced of this by getting acquainted with the CMD No. 1007 dated 12/17/2013, which is published on the lex.uz website.

10. Q: When will applicants applying to the English Education department receive information about their enrollment? 
A: We are currently in the process of verifying the authenticity of the submitted IELTS certificates. As soon as this process is completed, the Institute's Admissions Committee will contact each English Education applicant who has an IELTS certificate.

11. Q: When will the English language exams be held for English Education applicants who do not have an IELTS certificate?
A: Applicants who do not have an IELTS certificate will be invited to the exam after August 15 of this year, if the quota is not filled by applicants who have an IELTS certificate.

12. Q: What exam dates are scheduled for August?
A: We will announce the details on August 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 on our official channels.

13. Q: What can I bring with me on the day of the exam?
A: Passport, applicant pass and good blue pen.

14. Q: How many hours does the exam take?
A: It depends on the subject block. The time allotted for each block is 1 hour.

15. Q: When will the exam results be published?
A: Within 10 business days from the date of the last exam.

16. Q: Is there an appeal?
A: The appeal will be considered within 3 days after the announcement of the exam results. However, a response will be provided within the next 3 business days.

17. Q: I did not pass the first exam, how do I know that the permission for the second exam was issued through my personal cabinet?
A: Through the official Telegram channels, an announcement will be made about the start of the exam, and after that it will be possible to obtain permission.

18. Q: What is the maximum admission score?
A: It depends on the department.
1-block, 3.1
2-block, 2.1
3-block, 1.1

Questions will be 30

Creative exam
Architecture and Urban Design - from 100 points for each creative exam + mathematics 3.1
Fashion Design - from 100 points for each creative exam
Painting - 3 creative exams from 100 points. Total of 300 points.

19. Q: If on the day of the exam I bring my phone, electronic smart watch, keys, money, etc., is there a special place to store them?
A: Yes, there is.