Applicants who have applied documents in the direction of fashion design pass 2 artistic professional examinations.
Each exam is assessed by 100 points. The maximum number of points that may be obtained in total is 200.
The first exam is drawing.
That is, draw still-life painting.
2nd-artistic professional exam is clothing composition.
Applicants determine the theme of the composition by choosing a topic. A topic is selected, in accordance with the style written on the topic, 5 figures are drawn.
The topics are following:
Classic style, romantic style, Opp art style, national ethno, avant-garde and etc.
The applicant for the artistic professional exam will have to bring a tablet with paper in 50 × 70 cm, watercolors, brushes, pencils, palettes, a glass, an eraser and etc.
To the attention of applicants who are applied to the direction «Architecture and Urban design» and «Fashion design»!
Artistic professional exams will be held on July 15-16 this year.

The list with the exact date will be published on the @yodju channel. In this list, you will find out the exact time of your exam.

This announcement applies only to applicants passing the Artistic professional exam!

 Exams in the form of testing will be held on July 17-18.