Applicants must fulfill and meet the following requirements:
Motivation letter (topic: "What contribution will I make to the development of society, political or technological sphere in my country after graduation?");
Successfully pass exams in all subjects during the academic year / have high academic results;
Pass exams on all subjects with high grades at the end of the academic semester;
Have a letter of recommendation from at least 2 professors - teachers with regular and active attendance;
Active participation in international, national scientific - practical conferences and competitions of various levels in your occupation and being ranked in top 3;
Active participation in various events of the social life of the institute;
In addition to proficiency in the state language, have a certificate of proficiency at least in one foreign language (Korean-TOPIC-4, English-IELTS-6.0);
Other achievements of the candidate that give an advantage are also taken into account;
Personal qualities, behavior and other merits of the candidate are assessed;
Particular attention is paid to ensuring that 3rd and 4th year students have scientific articles in domestic and foreign journals published during the academic year at the time of applying for the educational grant (priority is also given to those whose article was published in the journal, indexed by Scimago).

Applications are accepted until September 20 this year. We ask you to provide the necessary documents to the head of your department.