El-Yurt Umidi Foundation

On the initiative of the El-Yurt Umidi Foundation, an opportunity was created to get an education in the Swiss educational group.
A memorandum of cooperation was signed between the Swiss company SWISS EDUCATION GROUP and the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent. Within the framework of the cooperation program, an agreement was reached on the implementation of such projects as sending graduates of the Institute on a grant basis to prestigious Swiss universities to continue their studies in the field of tourism and service, international management, international business with the support of the El-Yurt Umidi Foundation and the Institute. Also, the implementation of international joint programs of the 2 + 2 format at the Yeoju Technical Institute has been agreed.
Graduates of the Yeoju Technical Institute can participate in the foundation's open scholarship competition and study at the most advanced foreign universities.
A detailed seminar on the foundation's open scholarships will be held at the Institute.