Будущий ученый

The head of the departments "Banking", "Accounting" and "Finance" of our institute Allakuliev Akmal Baltaevich became the winner of the competition "Future Scientist" held by the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan. 

Akmal Baltaevich took a place from the list of those who were recommended for funding a scientific idea in the category "Development and programming of a methodology for assessing fiscal risks for the medium term in the national economy". We wish that the enthusiasm of the Mentor and the leader of the departments, who is an example for his students, never faded, and that his scientific ideas were useful for the prosperity of our economy. 

For information: in total, 233 applications and 108 scientific ideas were submitted for participation in the competition, which could meet the requirements of the regulations and are included in the discussion of the Competition Commission. During the discussion at the Collegium of the Ministry, the "Future Scientist" Competition Commission decided to fund 49 scientific ideas.