Laziz Adkhamov, the Sales Director SAP Uzbekistan, the founder of Top Contact Center, a well-known entrepreneur and, of course, the founder of BookCafe, which has become a favorite place for almost all of us, visited the institute with a guest lecture for students. The lecture focused on digital transformation and highlighted the importance of IT architecture and business intelligence for organizing and running a business. The guest gave very useful advices to students studying marketing, business, economics, IT and those interested in these areas, most importantly, this meeting served as an excellent opportunity for them to get answers to their questions.
“To become a demanded, valuable specialist in the labor market, first of all, you need to read a lot of books and expand the boundaries of your thinking,” - concluded Laziz Adkhamov. We hope that the meeting gave good motivation to the students of the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent.