Preschool and primary education

On October 30, 2021, an artistic and educational event was organized by the students of Preschool and primary education department on the occasion of granting the Uzbek language the status of the state language. Opening the event with an introductory speech, the rector of the institute, Janpolat Kudaybergenov, spoke about the role and significance of the state language in a fate of a nation, emphasizing the need, first of all, for a mother tongue proficiency in order to learn a foreign language.
During the event, creative performances of the students of the department, their festive songs, dances, poetic scenes and performances of excerpts from Uzbek literature added even more significance to the event and created a festive mood.
Mashrabhon Umarova, a laureate of the “Shukhrat” medal, “A high-achiever in public education of the Republic of Uzbekistan”, and journalist of the National TV and Radio Company of Uzbekistan Nozima Vakhidova, who attended the event, praised the students for their skillful interpretation of scenes and wished them success in their future endeavors. At the end of the event, the guests were presented with souvenirs from the rector of the institute.