Seeds for the future

Our students will also participate in the Huawei global project, which has nearly 9,000 of the world's best students trained to date. "Seeds for the Future" is Huawei's global corporate social responsibility program. Launched in Thailand for the first time in 2008, this project aims to develop local ICT talents, broaden their horizons and knowledge, develop a deep understanding and interest in the telecommunications sector and help improve and encourage their regional interaction and participation in digital community.
Today, representatives of 130 countries and regions from 500 universities around the world take part in the "Seeds for the Future" program. This project is a good platform for experience for the participating students and a useful foundation for their future. As part of the project, students learn to work in a team on social programs. They make new friends and experienced mentors around the world. Dear students, almost every day we give information about students of different departments who achieve big and small achievements during their student years. We also recommend that you make the most of the projects we share with you for the benefit of your future. Follow us!