If you visit schools nowadays, you will meet many students who have a higher level of intelligence, thinking, and language skills than most 15 years ago. We can also witness parents and the older generation saying, "Surprisingly, when I was at your age, I didn't know these things - we were simple". Yes, we have to follow in the footsteps of new knowledge and opportunities constantly, as the world is rapidly developing.

Being deeply aware of the demands of the time, Sagdieva Solikha, a second-year student of the School of Education of the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, received a certificate (TEFL specialized TEYL 70-hour course Advanced Course), which allows a holder to teach elementary school students anywhere in the world.

The program is designed to introduce students to the theory and practice of teaching English as a foreign language. The certificate also allows teachers from all over the world to become part of the international educational community, constantly exchanging knowledge, ideas and techniques.