The University of Strathclyde (Scotland) and the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent have reached an agreement on cooperation in the following areas: conducting joint research in mutually beneficial areas, implementing research projects, organizing exchange and training programs for students and staff abroad, launching joint or bilateral educational programs for bachelors and masters.
Note: The University of Strathclyde is one of the top three universities in Scotland, located in Glasgow. Students from more than a hundred countries of the world study at the University, it has become a leader in prestigious ratings multiple times, fully justifying the high titles.
The University, founded in 1796, is actively cooperating with companies such as GSK, Shell, Boeing and Rolls Royce, as well as numerous government and legislative organizations. Students are also involved in major research and commercial projects. In terms of the budget for the implementation of these projects, the university relies not only on the help of partner companies, but also on its own resources.