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Founded in 1983 and located in Bonn Germany, the SES is the Foundation of German Industry for International Cooperation, the largest German volunteer placement organization for retired skilled and management professionals (Senior Experts).

German Senior Experts come abroad on a short-term mission based on the specific demand of e.g. small and medium-sized enterprises, public authorities, professional bodies, business associations or social, medical or training institutions to pass on their knowledge and skills.
The experts dispose of know-how in specific fields from around 50 branches of industry, along with good social and foreign language skills and the readiness to adapt to the conditions prevailing in the assignment country.

The German SES Foundation for International Cooperation, in the framework of cooperation with the RPI “UzEngineering”, has sent an expert on the planning and implementation of projects for the management of household wastes.

The purpose of the expert’s visit is to exchange experience with design engineers, environmental specialists, students, and other interested parties on improving environmental safety requirements in the design, construction, and commissioning of new and reconstructed enterprises and other facilities.