1. "Central Asian Journal of STEM";

2. "Financial and economic sustainability"

Scientific journals received the Certificate of State Registration of Mass Media No. 2460, No. 0503, and also received international identification numbers ISSN 2181-1628, ISSN 2181-1636.

The journal publisher invites doctors of sciences (DSc, PhD), doctoral students and undergraduates, as well as teachers and scientists to publish articles and get acquainted with the work of colleagues in the field of technology and economics.

Research activity is developing at a rapid pace in all scientific areas. New solutions, opinions and approaches to certain problems appear. This process is typical for the scientific community. Based on the research results, publications in scientific journals are required.

The journals publish articles of both theoretical and empirical nature that are of interest to a fairly wide range of specialists in all areas of economic science and engineering. Interdisciplinary research and economic research using methods from other sciences - physics, mathematics, etc. are encouraged. Special attention is supposed to be paid to the analysis of the processes taking place in the economy of Uzbekistan and the world economy.