Yesterday, a meeting was organized at the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent  for students within the framework of the Module 5 project. Ulugbek Ismatov – young entrepreneur, founder of such projects as "Becreative media company", "Startup market" and "INTV", Sirojiddin Olimov - a specialist of a department of science, education and motivation at the Agency for Youth Affairs, Temurbek Adkhamov - a founder of companies "Najot Taʼlim" and "Abu Tech", Abdusattor Abdurakhimov - an owner of 1 million subscribers in Telegram, an entrepreneur who could develop a good business on  3ds Max edu platform and, of course,  Fazliddin Goyibnazarov - a professional boxer, Olympic champion were our guests. 

The discussion with students was on topics such as artificial intelligence, overcoming fear techniques in order to achieve goals, honesty and new projects for the youth of Uzbekistan.