A group of students of the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent will continue their studies at the Yildiz Technical University in Istanbul, which has a 110-year history.

Eight undergraduates of the Department of Architecture and Urban Design will take the fourth year of the bachelor program at the Yildiz Technical University in Turkey. As you know, over the last academic year, the institute has signed a number of cooperation agreements with many large companies and organizations. The list includes Discovery Invest as well. About 1,925 students from Tashkent universities specializing in architecture took part in the scholarship competition announced by the company. After several qualifying stages, which lasted almost a year, students of the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent were among the best. They got the opportunity not only to study abroad, but also to undergo an internship in one of the most prestigious Turkish companies in the field of architecture - Sigma. After graduation, students will be hired by Discovery Invest.

A few days ago, a parent meeting was held to discuss organizational issues with the participation of the rector of the institute, officials of Discovery Invest and the project manager. At the meeting, the hosts presented all the conditions created for studying at the Yildiz Technical University and the requirements for students. The answers to the questions of the parents were given.

The only expectation for the opportunities created is that our students, who are the pioneers of this project, must put all their efforts, skills, knowledge and precious time into training and practice. After all, they should serve as a good example for subsequent students with their desire for knowledge, good behavior and new achievements in the future.

We remind you that all expenses within the framework of the project will be covered by the institute and the company.