School of Engineering

  • Leaders: Kamoladdin Saidov, Ilkhom Mamyunusov

The Engineering is about designing processes and making products to solve real-world problems. Our Engineering School enables students to develop...

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School of Education

  • Leaders: Abror Makhammadiev, Sung Baig Ha, Utkirbek Butaev

School of education refers to the interactions between teachers, students, and the learning environment and the learning tasks. This broad...

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School of Business and Finance

  • Leaders: Akmal Allakuliev, Mashrab Berdikulov, Nurbek Meyilev

One of the biggest highlights of studying a business management degree is the key management skills that will allow you...

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School of Design

  • Leaders: Fotima Azimova, Bekzoda Askarova

Fashion school focuses on the art of applying design, aesthetics, and natural beauty to clothing and its accessories. Programme helps...

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