Architecture and Urban Design


Kamoladdin Saidov
Course Leader
Shakhlo Isametdinova
Head of Chair

Architecture and Urban Design

Architectural and Urban designing direction is the highest level of education in the field of urban planning and architecture, its theoretical and practical, including socio-economic, engineering, technical and artistic-compositional aspect.


The purpose of the program

Training of highly qualified specialists in the field of architecture and urban design. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge in the design and planning of urban space, as well as contribute to the sustainable development of urban planning. Instill the necessary theoretical knowledge to integrate various aspects of architectural and urban planning in order to ensure the safety and favorable conditions of the environment and human activity. To acquaint students with the latest trends and innovations in the development of cities, methods and concepts of territorial planning, urban zoning, planning and reconstruction of urban areas.



Students, studied in the field of architecture and urban design, will be a comprehensively developed specialists in their field and will work in large design institutes and organizations, architectural, landscape and design bureaus, companies of technical and industrial design, in international architectural and construction companies. Thus, the architectural and urban designing education is considered as an innovative model of the modern education of the Technical institute Yeoju in Tashkent.



The 1st course. The first undergraduate course is aimed at developing students’ interest in science and specialty. The focus is on the development of Korean, English and Russian languages, as well as mathematics, physics, world history and geography, history and development strategies of Uzbekistan, ecology and computer science.

The 2nd course. Students are trained in such subjects as the fundamentals of architecture and urban design, architectural design, computer graphics, architectural graphics and drawing, the history of architecture of Uzbekistan, the basics of the concept of a city.

The 3rd course The course includes architecture and design, city planning, architectural design, building design, computer design, building materials, and building construction.

The 4th course includes such subjects as eco architecture, architecture and construction, design code, architecture and urban planning, reconstruction and renovation of buildings and structures, as well as will conduct research and work on the graduation project.