Fashion Design


Fotima Аzimova
Course Leader
Sevara Sadikova
Head of Chair

Fashion Design

Fashion Design is one of 12 major directions that was opened in 2019-2020 academic year at Yeoju Technical Institute.

At Fashion Design direction, students get the opportunity to undergo in-depth training and gain extensive knowledge in the following composite areas:
– design program (development of clothing design);
– drawing / painting;
– fashion history (study of social and cultural sources);
– work with material, texture, shape;
– Modern graphic programs (work with innovative computer technologies);
– sewing technique;
– styling and subject photography.

The main subjects allow students of “Fashion Design” to master not only deep theoretical knowledge, but also receive and develop practical skills in the chosen profession. Having mastered a wide range of tools in subjects that exceeds the standard set of disciplines in most universities, the students of our institute from the first course get a real opportunity to do the personal shows at professional fashion weeks, participate in national and international competitions, collaborate with fashion brands (patented logos), and have internships in film and theater productions.

As part of their projects, students work on topical industry issues, develop their creative thinking and learn how to solve problems, like future creative directors and designers of brands that set the tone in fashion.


The purpose of the program

– to teach pre-project research (“state of the issue – trends – concept – graphical analysis”);
– to train to formulate and create copyright concepts in the field of fashion industry;
– to teach the introduction of the author’s collection as a project, based on the study of the creative source of world collections in fashion history;
– to train to analyze the current marketing situation in the scale of current trends;
– train graphic analysis skills.



– students receive skills and abilities to realize themselves in the professional environment;
– students consolidate the acquired knowledge, skills and design skills in practice;
– students do design and analytical studies and implement the knowledge gained in the process of individual work.



The 1st courseAt the initial stage of the first year of undergraduate study, the educational process is aimed at developing general knowledge and interest of students in the chosen direction of “Fashion Design”.
The main focus is on the core subjects in the mainstream: world fashion history, drawing / painting, designing clothing design, color planning (color science).
Time is also devoted to mastering foreign languages such as Korean, English and Russian. Students gain knowledge in the field of computer science, world history and history of Uzbekistan.

The 2nd course: In the second year of undergraduate studies of Fashion Design, students receive in-depth knowledge in the following subjects: Fashion illustration, Costume history, Fashion studio, Window dressing, Sewing techniques, Clothing design planning, Psychology (art therapy), Male clothing design, Art history.

The 3rd course: In the third year of undergraduate studies of Fashion Design, students continue to expand their knowledge in the chosen profession and practice their acquired skills in practical classes as part of the training program. Students take theoretical and practical courses in such subjects as: Fashion Marketing, Information System, Design of Children’s Clothing and Fashion Media, Fashion Accessories, Design Graphics.

The 4th course: In the fourth year of undergraduate studies of Fashion Design, students apply theoretical and practical knowledge on clothing design (investment) and introduce their fixed knowledge and skills in individual innovative projects.
They continue to study such areas as Fashion Photography, Fashion Launch and Basic Decision Making Strategy (creating a personal collection), Business Planning (introducing a personal brand), Trademark Management.

On the basis of four years of study in the basic methodological, additional, practical and optional programs of the Fashion Design direction, students are supposed to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge, as well as develop and work out their skills in the qualification diploma work, after which they receive a profession 'general designer'