Inernational Marketing


Nurbek Meyliev
Course Leader
Omonullokhon Akhmedov
Head of Chair

Inernational Marketing

“International marketing” is one of the most important factors of economic growth and development of the state, moreover, preparing the young for the effective use of marketing services and economic growth of the country, for the gradual promotion and entry into world markets of goods and services of our domestic goods and services is considered to be our main task.

Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent is interested not only in providing students with theoretical and practical knowledge, but also in applying this knowledge to future entrepreneurial activities. Therefore, practical skills are meant to be the main base of education.


The purpose of the program

The undergraduate program in the sphere of international marketing directed to training specialists for the study, planning, implementation and monitoring of marketing and communication strategies. The program introduces the international prospects of marketing, as well as introduce students to international markets, international marketing and international business management.



Graduates of the International Marketing direction will be able to work in private, state, foreign and joint companies, work in consulting companies to promote goods and services, and also establish companies independently and lead commercial activities.



The 1st of study includes such disciplines as: computer science, the basics of economics, the basics of statistics, the history of Uzbekistan and development strategies, world history and geography, Russian, English and Korean languages.

The 2nd course includes such subjects as Fundamentals of Marketing, Fundamentals of International Marketing, Fundamentals of Financial Management and Accounting.

The 3rd course includes Fundamentals of export management, Strategic marketing management, Fundamentals of business leadership subjects, which will have both theoretical and practical foundations.

The 4th course will be taught such disciplines as Marketing Research Methods, Global Marketing Strategies and Models, Intercultural Management, International Business, and researches will be conducted on graduate qualification work as well.