Pre-school education


Abror Makhammadiev
Course Leader
Jobir Ahmedov
Head of Chair

Pre-school education

Pre-school education is a program for future professional development of educators, which is the basis for comprehensive development of children, systematic organization of family kinder gardens, development of state and non-state kindergartens. plans, training, and evaluation are in-depth training. The program provides a solid foundation for the theory and history of pre-school education, theoretical and practical and interactive teaching methods for future coaches in pre-school education, and a thorough understanding of science.

This course is a holistic educational process involving a preschool child, with a focus on raising children from 3 to 6 years of age. Future educators are adapted to teach different groups of children with inclusive, cognitive, linguistic and social and gifted development skills that should be taught by preschoolers. Teaching the theory and practice of preschool education in higher education using traditional and innovative research methods. The course aims to apply theoretical knowledge gained in practice. The essence of the course is to ensure that the up-to-date changes in the education system are impacting children and training mature, competitive professionals to help them develop in the right direction.



Preparation of students of pre-school education as competent and qualified specialists, provision of high-quality education in preschool education system and qualitative organization of preschool preparation system. To provide the leading experts in foreign and local organizations the most influential specialists responsible for the organization and management of preschool educational institutions.