Primary Education


Abror Makhammadiev
Course Leader
Jobir Ahmedov
Head of Chair

Primary Education

The direction of primary education is the preparation of the future primary school teacher, training of competitive specialists in the community, and the state and the government of the Republic of Uzbekistan. It is an area of preparation for the 1-4th grade education in private schools that focuses on the professional development of future primary school teachers, their role in society, the use of new innovative technologies and information technology. and foreign languages. The program provides theoretical and practical assistance in acquiring the knowledge, skills and abilities needed for elementary school teachers in accordance with the requirements of the DTS. Future elementary teachers are actively involved in the courses on pedagogy theory, teaching methods and psychological concepts, cognitive processes, and elementary education theory. They also gain a basic knowledge of the courses. Under the program, students are able to learn foreign and Korean languages.



A student studying in primary education will become a leading specialist in his / her field and will be a leading specialist in the field of pedagogy in multilateral, general secondary and non-state educational institutions. The Yeodju Technical Institute in Tashkent is concerned not only with providing theoretical knowledge to its students, but also in using their knowledge in future work. Therefore, the basic basis of education, along with theoretical knowledge, is to develop and develop practical skills in prestigious educational institutions.