Information Resource Center

Nigora Akhmedova

Aim and objectives of the Information-resource center

1. To help the users to learn independently and constantly while using the resources of the library.
2. To spread the harmony of the national customs and morals, provide the cultural and historical heritage and support the generations’ learning and improving their acquisition. 
3. To increase the fund of the library according to the fields of study of the institute and the will of students, to create and control the system of the informational catalogue.
4. To improve the quality of the services in the library by equipping it with modern furniture.
5. To provide users with free services of the library:
- to inform about the fund of the library; 
- to help the users find literature and advise them in choosing right manuscripts; 
- to find out the need of the professors and employees in informative literature. 

IRC structure

The library of Yeoju technical institute in Tashkent consists of 17894 resources including:

  • 12673 textbooks in 8075 titles; 
  • 5221 fiction books in 2510 titles. 

The library has 72 subscriptions particularly:

  • 21 title newspapers;
  • 17 title newspapers in Uzbek language;
  • 34 title international academic journals.

An electronic library is created at the Information Resource Center. The electronic library information resources can be accessed at: Currently, the Armat ++ program is creating an electronic catalog and a full-text database. The library has signed a contract with the National Assembly library of the Republic of Korea  to use their resources. Moreover, in the territory of institute it is possible to utilize the information system of Elsevier database.