Journal of the King Sejong-Mirzo Ulugbek Research Center

Journal of the King Sejong-Mirzo Ulugbek Research Center

 «Journal of the King Sejong-Mirzo Ulugbek Research Center» – is a semiannual scientific publication, issued in the electronic form in Russian language. «Journal of the King Sejong-Mirzo Ulugbek Research Center» is oriented to the university teachers, researchers and specialists in different areas of science.

Research work is developing rapidly in all areas of science. New solutions, opinions and approaches to different problems appear. This process is characteristic of the scientific community. Publications in scientific journals based on the research results are necessary. This type of publication is the source of information and means of interaction for scientists around the world. Its content comprises new research and activities, their conceptualisation and discussion by general public engaged in the sphere of humanitarian findings. 

Journal sections:  
- Linguistics;
- Philology;
- Pedagogy;
- Psychology.

Journal for publication of scientific articles fulfills a range of functions including an opportunity to increase own rating and status in the chosen area of research. It can also help you to continue writing Master’s or Doctoral thesis including in the reference list the link to the article in the scientific journal. Scientific journals for article publication are effective assistants in the activity of research. Scientific and technical progress simplified the ways of material presentation for publication. Now to publish research there is no need to go to the publishing house and then wait for a long time for the approval of the work, making changes to suit the desires of the publishers and issue of the periodical. We seek to provide the authors with as comfortable working conditions as possible.

  • It is enough just to leave an application on our website that will be reviewed in the short term.
  • Articles are accepted in English language. There is a translation (from Russian and Uzbek languages) service available. Translation services are provided on paid basis. 
  • Periodicals are formatted according to requirements of the editorial and publishing process and are placed in the library of our website. 
  • The articles are considered by reviewers and the decision about publication is made on the editorial board meeting before the new issue of the journal.