Admission Guidiline
  • All candidates must upload scanned documents (JPEG, PNG)
  • Copy of passport or residence permit
  • Copy of diploma from lyceum / college / high school or certificate of confirmation,  including certificate of enrollment from lyceum / college / high school
  • Copy of transcript from lyceum / college / high school
  • Electronic photo taken in the last 3 months - 3.5 cm × 4.5 cm
  • Official English Proficiency Test Certificate (IELTS / IELTS Indicator / TOEFL iBT / TOEFL Home Edition)
  • All required documents listed above, especially the Official English Proficiency Test Certificate, must be submitted and uploaded through the online application site by the deadline.
  • Please note that if the submitted documents, in particular the certificate of the official test of knowledge of the English language, are deliberately fabricated or forged, a criminal case will be initiated against the applicants.





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