Илмий бўлим

Gulchekhrabonu Isamova


The goals of scientific activity are the implementation of fundamental and applied scientific research, the use of the latest scientific achievements and technologies in training, the development of high-tech projects in the interests of developing the country’s economy.


Other Goals

  • to develop international partnerships in the scientific and educational fields;
  • to develop fundamental and applied, innovative research based on the growth of the scientific qualifications of employees and students;
  • to organize the participation of teachers of the institute in scientific conferences, competitions, seminars at various levels through the preparation of articles / methodological developments;
  • to increase publication activity of faculty members.



  • to extend cooperation with foreign universities;
  • to develop a program of targeted study and analysis of international practices for the effective organization of research work;
  • to participate in ongoing project competitions in universities, ANRUz, the Ministry of Innovative Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan, ministries and departments;
  • to attract faculty and gifted students in the study of problematic issues of enterprises and organizations.
  • to implement research, design, technological, experimental design work;
  • to provide scientific, technical and consulting services in all areas of its activities;
  • to disseminate the latest achievements of science, publication of scientific, educational, methodological and reference literature and implementation of the publication of scientific periodicals containing the results of the institute’s scientific activity.