Инновация маркази

Khusniddin Fakhritdinov


The goals of the innovation center are to develop the innovative activities of scientists from the Yeoju Technical Institute in Tashkent, which implies organizing the implementation of their scientific and technical ideas and projects into real-life instruments, equipment, technological processes, software, methods of analysis of economic and social processes, etc., production and sale of new goods, the introduction of new technologies, providing a practical base for students of the institute, as well as provision of scientific and technical services to organizations and population.


Other Goals

The main objectives of the innovation center are:

  • creating conditions and opportunities (including obtaining permits, licenses) for conducting applied research and development work at the Institute and preparation for the production of high-tech products in the field of power engineering and civil engineering;
  • creating conditions for the organization of small enterprises, temporary creative teams and their independent innovation;
  • creating conditions, including in the field of social security, for highly productive work of institute scientists, students to consolidate talented young people in the field of science and high tech production, the organization of new jobs;
  • creating a practically and technically secure base of the Institute;
  • participating in the work of Uzbek and regional associations of innovation centers;